Category: Love Letters

  • Glittering Lights

    I notice the curtains in the room are only partially closed. I ask if you are an exhibitionist and you laugh, saying “I guess so”. You are seated in a chair in the living room. I can see tall buildings and the glittering lights of the city through the open windows behind you. I kneel […]

  • Transported

    When you spoil me you drive me wild with thoughts of us.

  • The Quietness

    Reminiscing about a dinner date and the passion you bring to my life.

  • Just Us

    Realizing you might be right, that it’s us coming together that makes it so good.

  • Tipping Point

    Musing about the pleasure I feel when I am with you.

  • Secret World

    Musing about our secret world and how special it is to me.