Glittering Lights

I notice the curtains in the room are only partially closed. I ask if you are an exhibitionist and you laugh, saying “I guess so”. You are seated in a chair in the living room. I can see tall buildings and the glittering lights of the city through the open windows behind you. I kneel between your feet and run my hands up your thighs. My eyes meet yours and a small smile forms on my lips.

We move to the bed, where you pull me close and your hands roam over my body. I love the way you touch me, your touch feels so familiar on my body. I run my hands up your back and enjoy the feeling of your strong body next to mine. Our eyes lock in passion and I feel the crest of the wave forming inside of me. You ask if I am close and your question is all it takes for me to explode in pleasure. You finish soon after me and we collapse in each others arms. I feel my heart beating and blood rushing throughout my body. You hold me close, to your chest, as my breathing begins to return to normal. We stay snuggled, quietly holding one another as time slips away.

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