If you are looking for a menu, or specific services to pick from, I’m likely not the companion for you.

I’ve found the story has a way of writing itself between us.

It’s pure magic.

I am kind of old school, I love the idea of being your girl in the city.

Below are just some examples of roles I play in shared experiences.

Social Sweetheart

Sometimes social connection with some hugs and cuddles are all you need to get back on track.

Maybe you just want a pretty face and a kind heart to spend time with. I bring positive energy and my presence will liven up your life.

Sometimes we need space in our lives to focus on companionship, social comfort, reducing isolation and having fun. I find this always has a way of holistically impacting our lives.

Let me bring some sunshine back into life.

Sweet & Sexy

This is where most of my experiences fall. I love the idea of classic trysts where passion and intensity punctuate our regular lives.

For most, companionship is central to your experience and you want to relax into safe arms. Lean into playful intimacy with a fun lover who makes it easy to embrace new experiences.

Professional emotional boundaries that allow for intimacy and closeness are an important factor for you. You get that and we get to have a playful few hours together.

I love it.

I want to have fun in all of our experiences and to enjoy life my own way.

Another part of my role is maintaining the fantasy. I try not to take life to seriously when it’s unwarranted and I just like to have fun during our time together.

I am a FSSW. I do not offer unprotected services.

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I like feedback as it always seems to help me improve.