Confidentiality & Policies

I want to thank you for your continued support on my Confidentiality Policy.

Because you respect this policy, I am able to continue freelancing as a low profile provider who works with select lovers.

You are an incredible lover, and I am forever grateful for you.

I have a strict no review policy. I do not consent to any reviews, blog posts, forum, app posts, or “you name it” being written, posted etc. about myself or our time spent together.

That you understand this concept and that we both respect one another’s individual right to consent is essential for this professional relationship.

I do not consent to any recording or photos or otherwise during my time with you. I agree to these same terms and will not collect any media or recordings or anything about you.

Breach of this is cause for termination of services.

I will set the timer for our session on my phone and put it away in your company. I expect that all of your technology equipment is powered off, silenced and put away.

Our professional relationship is about human connection.

Your Data and Information

I am licensed as an Independent Date and Escort in Calgary.

I am required to maintain basic client records and keep them for 24 months. I make invoices, I have business expenses, I have financial books for my work, and I do my taxes every year. I follow the laws regarding the profession. I maintain records of only the required details and my book keeping is kept in a secure, digital location.

I have never been required to share any client record/data/name with anyone up to this point.

What about information for screening?

I require screening information to verify that you are who you say you are. I communicate with you via secure email and store my files in encrypted storage, I take your privacy very seriously. Screening information is typically not accessed by me again after our initial screening step. I offer the option that you may blank out non critical information from your drivers license. Finally, I try to start a new email thread after receiving this information to further minimize the impact.

On Confidentiality

Confidentiality and discretion are paramount. I have a clear understanding of confidentiality from my civilian profession, and what unfolds between us is between us. I do not disclose client details.

I compartmentalize well and I find men are often masters of compartmentalizing their lives. I find it extremely sexy and I love to learn from you.

I continue investing energy into my confidentiality practices and strive to notice where I might improve. I work hard to maintain boundaries and develop trust between us as client and provider. I keep my eye on our underlying goal of protecting our professional relationship so that we can be free when we are together.

For lovers who live public lives, I understand the dilemma you are in when you are deciding to connect with me. As is true for all my lovers, please take comfort knowing that what is said between us will remain between us and will not be shared with anyone.

I understand the critical importance of confidentiality in our professional relationship.

I agree to make confidentiality a priority in our professional relationship.

There are 2 scenarios when confidentiality may be broken:

  • if you harm me, yourself, or another being
  • if you disclose intent to harm me, yourself or another being

Local By-Law Information

Calgary Dating and Escort Service By-law 48M2006

You can read the whole by-law yourself on

Thank you for reading and understanding my confidentiality policies.

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