Julia, Calgary Escort & Date

Welcome home

Sunshine in the kitchen, it could be any morning. Early. One foot is tucked up and rests on the red backed chrome chair. My hand wanders, gently massaging my thigh as I sip my tea. I return to my book, my hair tumbling down around my face from a loose bun. Light and shadow play across my skin in morning sunlight filtered through lace curtained windows.

We work hard so we can play

I am a researcher at heart, driven by curiosity and the desire to understand more of this gift called life that we have been given. These days I am building my resume with various research projects, throwing myself into my passion, and working towards earning my PhD.

It’s about balance

I am doing what I love, yet…I want more. I desire more. I have learned about myself, that I need balance. A certain kind of balance only a man’s presence can bring to my life. Your presence.

Ultimately, all of our time is precious, and I value and respect both of our time. I do not have a lot of free time in my life, neither do you. For me, it is about passion and feeling alive in this beautiful life. I am looking for safe excitement, fun and escape.