I love when you let me know I’m on your mind. I never expect that you will send me gifts but I absolutely love when you do. It’s not required and the time we spend together is obviously the most impactful. But that being said, you spoiling me does have a sexy effect on me.

When you spoil me, you transport me back to your arms and I can’t help myself but to reflect on being next to you. I get so horny for you for a few days and I love it. You spoiled me with some shopping recently and I haven’t been able to keep my panties dry since. Dreaming about being with you and desiring your touch has me smiling. My cheeks have been flush and rosy with anticipation.

When you do this for me, it feels like sex is all I can think of and only being with you can resolve it. I give in to our dreamland and spend an afternoon in bed thinking about you. I touch myself and think about your hands on my body. I slip my finger into the wetness between my legs to get some release. I use the vibrator you bought for me, to use when I think of you. I come so fast and then I need it again. I find that I can only self satisfy for a short time and what I really want I know I have to wait for. And the wait is so sensual.

Thank you for letting me know when I am on your mind. It is so sexy to me. I love knowing that you are thinking of me, even if we aren’t together. You are the only other person in the world who knows what we have and when you tell me you are thinking of me, it drives me wild.

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