Mid Afternoon

It’s mid afternoon and we are in your hotel suite. The afternoon sunshine streams through the windows, and you are sitting on the couch. You are naked, wearing a hotel robe. I’ve taken off my dress and am wearing my lingerie and stockings. I walk towards you, with the sun shining behind where you are seated, and our eyes lock in lust.

I place my hands on your knees and sink down to kneel between your legs. My hands move up your thighs, under the robe and towards the hardness that awaits me. I look into your face, my eyes giving away my passion, as I undo the robe that is tied at your waist. My hands move across your belly, out to your hips and then down towards your manhood. I take you in my hands and marvel at how hard you are for me. My lips press against the head of you, my mouth opening slightly and allowing the tip of you to enter. My tongue swirls around the tip and then I open my mouth wider and take you inside of me. I love the way you feel in my mouth, your hardness makes me drip between my legs. I lick and suck you, getting lost in the ecstasy of the moment. I feel your hands in my hair, as you gather my hair up and gently hold it to the side and out of my face. I feel you watching me as my head bobs up and down. It turns me on so much and I begin to ache for the feeling of our bodies coming together.

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