What We Could Do

I love beginnings. The excitement of meeting someone new and discovering our new world together. Lately, you are reminding me how much I love what comes after. It’s when things get more interesting and our connection deepens. We begin accumulating experiences that leave a trail of memories, weaving together with each visit. We begin to relax around each other and our intimacy deepens.

You enchant me with the way you open up to me. I start to see that you are not only sexy and handsome but also intelligent, charming and kind. You sweep me off my feet when you begin to co-create our dreamland alongside me. We become more adventurous between the sheets and I start to crave another stolen night away with you. We find ourselves talking about what we could do next, what we could experience and I find myself wanting more.

I think I’m lucky in many ways. I love the way these experiences open my eyes and remind me that I like what I do. I think I do enjoy being your secret. You bring such a breath of fresh air into my life.

Thank you for making time for us so that I can be free like this with you.

I have gratitude for you today and for all that you bring into my world.

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