Woman Next Door

I can totally pull off the girl-now-woman next door look. I can figure this one out for you babe. I am thinking some kind of suburban milf who is oozing both sexy vibes and sexually starved woman vibes. She puts her fair share into life and puts light makeup on most days. She likes Bath & Body Works and rocks a casual and simple sexy style. Her cheeks are rosy, from being outdoors and living her wholesome life. Her lips are so damn berry juicy you just need to kiss them. She smells like some kind of heaven. Not natural scents but a perfume fragrance. Not too strong but so sexy that you need to breathe it in. She longs for a man because she is bored with her life and she needs some excitement. She needs passion and she needs to be fucked and you’re going to be the one to do it.

It would need a trip to the mall because that’s where she’s at home and I’d need to prepare.

So yes, I am in.

I can nail that and you.

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