The Softness

Afternoon sunshine filters through the drapes in our room, bathing us in its soft glow. We are naked, together, in bed and tangled in our embrace. I snuggle into your chest, and I feel you against my stomach. I run my hand up your back, your muscles are strong and your body is so warm. You tip my face to yours and we kiss, and I feel your pleasure growing against me.

In this light, everything is softened and it feels so intimate. I feel closer to you than I have before. I see your face, clear and open. I see light and shadow playing across your body. Your form glows against the whiteness of the hotel sheets.

I push you gently on your back and my mouth finds the place you want it to be. My hands move down, from your shoulders to your chest and the softness of your stomach. In the quiet of the room, I only hear your breathing and the sounds of pleasure that you make. We are lost in passionate pleasure and another hour passes.

After, you tell me I’m beautiful. Before I have a chance to thank you, you say “Oh, you must know that already”. I don’t say anything but in the silence I wonder. Do I know that? I desire the ability to see through your eyes, to see what you see. I want to know how it is that I am pieced together in your mind. A collection of experiences and brief conversations.

I get dressed. I kiss you fully and passionately and you embrace me so tenderly. I let myself out of the room, away from our escape, and into the reality of the lingering afternoon.

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