Making Space

Lately I have been fantasizing about us. I gave myself time, just for us, this weekend. I spent time reminiscing about your touch and fantasizing about your body. I love your physical form. Your body drives me wild and thinking about getting your clothes off again becomes a theme in my fantasies. I remember the way you touched me, the way you made me explode with pleasure and passion. I remember my body trembling in the aftermath of us. I remember taking you in my mouth and how hard you were. My breathing becomes faster and its not long before I get my release. I linger in thoughts of us and find myself in a constant state of arousal thinking about you. I touch myself again with the thought of you, my face is flush and my skin is sweaty.

Today I am grateful for you. For the pleasure, passion and excitement you bring into my world. I make effort to compartmentalize space in my life where I can fantasize freely about you. To think about the way you make me feel and the things you do to me. I make space for us in my life and I love it. You are wonderful and I hold gratitude for the boundaries we hold. The boundaries that allow me freedom to really think about how amazing you are. Because you are.

I acknowledge the unique position we are in and the amount of orchestration that is required on both of our parts to create our own escape. The orchestration that allows me to freely fantasize about you and to truly enjoy your company. I approach my life with an open heart today and I greet the day with a curiosity for the wonders it holds.

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