Quality Connections

We are kissing, in bed, amongst the rumpled remains of hotel bedding. You turn on your side and pull me closer, into your chest. My skin electrifies when it comes in contact with yours. Our kissing becomes more passionate and I feel you grow harder against my stomach. You feel so strong against me, my cheeks blush and I am soaking wet for you. My hands explore your chest. I run my fingers through the hair and gently tease your nipple. You slip a condom on and tease me while we are spooning. Your hardness glides along the wetness between my legs and I am close to begging you for it. When I come, it feels so good to be in your arms in that moment. The pleasure is so intense and I can’t hide the smile on my face.

These experiences with you continue to be incredibly sensual and passionate. I have new sexy and steamy memories to return to. You are incredible and when we are on the same page, everything gets so much better. I love feeling safe enough to have fun when I am with you. I love figuring out the ways that I may please you. Its an exciting, sensual adventure that we share together. I am someone you would want to see when you need a fun, intimate and recharging experience. I am interested in pleasuring you and when I see you enjoying my touch, it turns me on so much.

Lovers have described me as incredibly sensual and passionate. This is exactly the type of lover I aim to be. I am a playful, gentle and fun loving person. With this work, I want to have the chance to experience pleasure in my job. I want to keep that door open. I continue to practice gratitude that the option for pleasure remains on the table for me while doing this work.

Today I am grateful that I am in a position to have quality connections with lovers. I am grateful for the privilege to have clients who comply with screening and who support my confidentiality policy. Above all, I am grateful that I attract quality humans into my life who are open to the sensual connection I seek. I am grateful for those who wish to have playful adventures with me and who contribute to creating safe intimate spaces together. Thank you for these incredibly intimate experiences that bring so much passion into my day to day life.

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