Time is always moving forward, no matter what. I want to slow it. I want to feel what it feels like to be with you in this exact moment. I am lying on your chest, you are running your hand up and down my back. I listen to your breathing as I lay relaxing. There isn’t much time left, but I want to wallow in the moments we do have left.

When its time to go, I help you with your shirt and you fasten my bra. We are talking as we get ready and I already know I’ll wonder about you when I leave. I want to see you again. I like knowing that. It’s a wonderful form of assurance.

I am in the cab on the way home, the driver is friendly. He makes a kind gesture of sharing his snack as he tells me what he is up to. In a moment I am lonesome, lonesome for family and familiarity. When he drops me off, he tells me I am a good person. I let that sink in and I roll it around in my mouth. I consider it as I walk to the door and let myself in.

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