After Work Escape

I really like 4-7PM for after work escapes with you. It’s logistically possible for hotel check ins, and some days we are even able to meet like this same day. I like this time of day. Folks seem to be coming and going and just busy with their day. There are logical things you could be doing during that time. You might say you were getting a drink with a colleague, staying a bit late to finish up a project, hitting the gym, or maybe you were at a therapy session.

This is one of the tricks on your end – maneuvering and creating space for us in your life. When you’ve succeeded, you no longer struggle finding time for us. I’ve noticed that this time of day seems to lend itself well to our trysts. There is something sexy about it too. There is an ease about you when you have found a way of fitting us into your life. When you’ve determined a reliable way. You get so fun and things get exciting in new ways.

I am thinking of you arriving and helping you out of your coat while we are talking. I hold my hair out of the way for you to unzip me. Your warm hands move across the skin of my shoulders and my dress falls to the floor. I turn to face you and we kiss. Your hands are on my hips, resting on the band of my panties.

Sometimes you have me handle the room and get checked in, and other times you handle it. When you ask me to get to the hotel early, I love getting cozy while I wait. I love waiting there for you. Knowing that I am the escape you are treating yourself to. It feels romantic and sexy. I get so turned on thinking that you are coming there just for me. That you are coming there specifically to have a playful few hours with me. That you want to treat yourself to our escape. Its so sexy even now, while I am thinking on this.

You drive me wild with the way you want me.

I love being your special treat.

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