Side by Side

We are laying in bed, naked, with the sheets drawn up under our arms. I turn on my side, toward the window and you snuggle into me. Your body is so warm and I fit so perfectly. You hand sweeps up my body from my thigh to my ribs and back down again. You tease my hip so gently and my lips find your lips.

You call, ordering coffee and fruits to share. While we wait, we stay in bed talking in each others arms. The knock on the door interrupts our kiss and brings my feet back to the ground. The coffee is so rich and feels so indulgent after a playful few hours. We snack and share in a nourishing moment.

You are so relaxed, my hand rubs your back as we sit side by side on the couch. Talking easily turns to touching and I move to straddle your lap. Your hands are on my thighs, under my robe, and you move them slowly up to my hips. The sensations cause my face to flush in pleasure. You pull me closer and we gently kiss. I melt into your embrace. Passion and pleasure once again become our only duties.

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