There are so many places in this city I have not been to. And there would be fewer were it not for the interesting places you take me to. I love food and atmosphere and escaping through experiences. Eating is very sensual. Room service can be so romantic, brunch with fruits and tea. Its comforting to break bread and share in the simple act of eating. I love the conversations that we have and the familiar feelings – even if we are strangers. Often you choose a place and have a little back story or maybe something interesting about the cuisine, it adds to the magic. We get to explore things together and connect in a different way.

I love a tucked away patio on a summer afternoon, sharing small bites and enjoying each others company. When we do these things, I sometimes feel like a tourist in Calgary and things are fresh and filled with wonder again. You always butter me up with your thoughtfulness and wanting to share your world with me. I love that we get to be this way, even if its just for a time here and there.

You know, even now, I still get nervous the first time meeting a new lover. I love the feeling of coming to meet you, whether at the restaurant or hotel lobby it doesn’t matter. It’s a special feeling that nervous excitement, blood rushing through me and a smile tugging at my lips. What wonderful adventures will we share? How will we fill a time that always seems to be running short? Life is incredible and I love that when we’re together, I feel alive.

When my hands are exploring your body for the first time, everything is so new and intensified. I say that your body is my favorite escape from the banal day to day. We give into the fantasy and you let go, allowing yourself freedom to experience pleasure and giving me free reign over your body. I read your body language and respond with mine.

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