Tipping Point

I find myself thinking about it lately, about us – our escape. You pop into my conscious out of nowhere. It surprises me and my breath catches in my throat. My heart skips a beat. Sometimes I blush immediately and a small smile forms on my lips. I get taken right back to the intensity in moments we’ve shared. The pleasure and passion that exists when we are lost together in our dream land. I cross my legs and give a little squeeze of pleasure.

I exhale and try to refocus on my work. I find I can’t focus and instead my thoughts drift back to us…

Pleasure sensations move through my body, like a wave from head to toe. I pull your face towards me and we kiss passionately. My cheeks are rosy with lust and my hands are all over you. Moving up your back and down to squeeze your ass. We are still face to face, moving in a rhythm of intense passion. I look into your eyes for a brief moment and my eyes are asking you for more.

You flip me onto my stomach, with a pillow beneath my hips. My skin is electrified and I feel your hands grab onto my hips as you pull me into you. Every thrust brings new sensations, which cascade out from my centre to my limbs and down to the tips of my toes and fingers. I want to beg for it as you bring me closer to my release. I feel every stroke bringing me higher and higher, I am lost in my lust for you.

I reach the tipping point and I explode in passion. My entire body lights up with pleasure and I come a second time from the sensations moving through me. I come to my senses as you climax, folding over onto my body. You hold me, my back to your chest for a few moments, before you lay back on the bed.

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