Secret World

I like to think of our escape as our own secret world. A dreamland where only we exist, in a context typically bound by time. I love to maintain confidentiality of our secret world, it pleases me that you are the only other person on the planet who can share in what we have. Every time we come together, we are curating our world. The minutes and moments create new dimensions. The experiences themselves form the fabric of our world. Brief email exchanges fill in gaps between the times we physically come together.

I want to be something positive in your life. I want our dreamland to be a positive, uplifting world. Where we get comfortable with positivity and joy. A world where passion flourishes and romance comes easily. Together we co-create our world, our actions and experiences carving out a slice of life that I have come to treasure.

When we aren’t together, I find myself going back to our secret world. Revisiting moments and blushing at the thought of being in your arms. I think about conversations we had and the way you made me laugh. I think about how sexy you are and how much I love to be in your arms. I think about moments of intense passion where we were lost in each others touch.

As time and experience accumulate, our escape becomes more defined. We have new understandings of who we are to each other. Our comfortability lends itself to new levels of intimacy. The afterglow of our dreamland becomes more familiar. We become better equipped to handle thoughts of our dreamland occurring when we aren’t together. I find myself enjoying reminiscing about us and what we have. Its unique and only exists between you and me.

I am grateful for the amazing clients I have. I am grateful for your willingness to co-create our escape together. Because we do this, we have freedom to explore and engage with one another when we are together. I am grateful for the memories I have of our dreamland. I am grateful for you.

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