That Little Desiring Glance

I get head to toe goosebumps sometimes when I am thinking about you. I try to stop what I’m doing, I close my eyes and just savour the feeling of electricity moving across my skin. I want to encourage myself to feel pleasure, to delight in the sensations that move through me when I give myself permission. I don’t waste the opportunity to luxuriate in it.

I was thinking about you bending me over the arm of the couch, with my skirt pushed up around my waist, and your hand on my ass. You admire me for a moment as you get ready. You control yourself so well, I am soaking wet and each time you drive into me it feels like you fill me completely. You lean over and push into me and I swear I see heaven for a moment. Soon we are standing, my back to your chest as your hands massage my breasts. My head is thrown back in pleasure and rests on your shoulder. Your hand moves so delicately across my throat to move my hair. Your laboured breathing on my exposed neck drives me wild. Sweat runs between us, slick and so full of passion as you gently kiss and tease me. You turn me around, to face you, and you look to the chaise.

Our eyes connect and I have that little look, the one that drives you wild. I lift my foot up on the chaise, my knee is bent and I maintain eye contact as my smile grows. I lay back, letting my leg fall open and wait for you.

You have me where you want me.

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