Small Steps

The small steps, they are always being taken no matter what happens. Every tiny, miniscule choice we make. Sometimes you have foresight that even I do not. When I realize, I realize your thoughtfulness, I am overcome. I feel dumbfounded. I wonder how I may have missed it in the moment. It is in those small steps, when you handle me with such care, that I become enchanted. Realizing the romantic gestures you make melts my heart.

It also makes me think, “Julia, you love to be in a dreamland. Be present in the moment, don’t miss the beauty”.

I know I am always trying to be present in the moment. If I can get that right, the rest will follow. But I love the sweet things that you do. The care you take in little moments. Sometimes the realization hits me later, it could be a day or maybe a month later – it doesn’t really matter. You bring sunshine into my life. I am grateful for you and for the care you take in the little things.

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