Shedding Layers

I am dancing, like I often do. In the mornings, I put my headphones on and dance. I just dance and dance. Sometimes I smile, sometimes I cry. No matter what, I always feel something. It is healing for me and I consider it therapeutic. I remove my clothes as I get warmer and I love making it part of my dancing.

I am not the strip tease type and that’s not what I am aiming for at all. I am working on myself. I am working on letting go of the things I carry for others. I am being creative to find space to change. I am shedding layers and letting go of the things that hold me down.

Okay and yes, maybe I do work a little on my strip tease moves because sometimes I feel very sensual. Writing this reminds me that I do connect with my sexuality when I dance. I am not even all that good at dancing, it isn’t always about that for me when I am alone. If I really think about it, I am doing many things while I dance and move my body. It is very powerful for me and has been my entire life.

It wakes my entire body and mind up. My cheeks get rosy and sometimes I get a little sweat on my forehead. Just like when I am with you. It feels so good to move.

I am grateful for this body. I am grateful this body encourages me to embrace movement. I am grateful that I make space in my life to enjoy the things I love. Today, I greet the day with an open heart and a willingness to experience happiness.

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