Slowing Down

We are having coffee, just outside at a small table for two. The sun is glorious and we are laughing about this and that. I want to tell you something and I lean towards you. As I move closer and my hand moves up your thigh. Sunglasses hide the fact that our eyes are connected and my covered eyes are sparkling.

In the moment, there is no where else I would rather be. I can easily think of ways to explore pleasure with you. I’ve been dreaming up new things to try. Though I don’t know if you will be down to try something fresh, I know you’ll think about it and then decide.

It takes much less effort with us lately, and I continue to be thankful for this. Is this a secret reward of growing older? Or is it a result of inner work. Maybe we are both just more relaxed these days. I don’t know what it is and to be honest I won’t try to hard to solve this one. I think this is what it feels like for us to be on the same page, that now it has become easy. We know how to be during those few hours we are together. My mind gets to wander into possibilities of what we could do, what we could explore and I find myself lingering longer in those thoughts.

I should keep a list. Because I have a few gems for us right now. That’s another benefit of working on being present in the moment. It helps me be open to possibilities.

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