Seasons Changing

I have always loved when seasons change. I like to think I change with them, but I wonder. I love to notice how the light changes as we move between equinoxes. Right now we are appreciating the days growing longer. It seems winters move so fast lately that the reduced light isn’t the same nuisance it used to be. Remember how long seasons used to feel? Summer used to feel so long.

I don’t mind waking up early, when it’s still dark. I enjoy moving quietly in the stillness of the house as the world wakes up. I also love when spring comes and the birds begin to wake me as the sun rises. It always puts a smile on my face when I wake up. As spring becomes summer, fledging’s wake in the cold hour before sunrise, and I wake too. And then before I know it, I find myself tucking in early and wanting to hibernate in winters low light again.

I love moving through seasons. I grew up in the country, spending most of my time in nature. The city gets cagey sometimes but our experiences help liven things up. I love seeing you through seasons. Seeing us move through time in this way. I find myself observing how our behavior is impacted by the changing environment around us. I am a romantic and I want to know you in all seasons. I want to see the way you look at me as the light of day grows longer and then shorter again.

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