Floating With You

I miss swimming. I love the way the water feels on my skin. The way being in water makes you so instantly aware of your body. Your breath, every inch of your skin, the water drying from your hair while you come up for air.

That feeling when you carry me in the water in your arms and it feels effortless. You carry me, swirling me around in the water and hugging me into your chest. We continue playing and our gentle conversations float across the water’s surface. I love the way I feel in your arms, you are careful even while being playful. We turn onto our backs and let the sun shine on our faces, our fingers intermingled while we float. After, we sit on the Bali bed taking shade from the afternoon sun. I have one foot tucked up, while the other swings off the ledge of the bed. We eat watermelon. It’s cold, and tastes even better with hints of salt on my lips and the smile I can’t hide.

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