All the Things

I want to help, I always do. Its the way I am. I do not mind when you need nurturing. I am always trying to help you see what I see. To see the person I see.

Being someone who works from home, I am familiar with how comfortable I can get in my routine. I get caught up doing all the things I do. I keep myself busy with meditation, enjoying my work, stretching, painting breaks and the day to day living we all do. Sometimes I forget to go out there and appreciate the world.

Be kind to yourself. If you can’t do it for you, then do it for me. You deserve kindness. Try to work on something small, like getting outside for at least five minutes a day. That’s it. Just get out there, just for you, for at least five minutes.

I like to go in the back yard. Sometimes I take my tea or afternoon coffee. I give myself time to linger in the yard on my own, alone. Sometimes I sit and watch birds, other times I speculate on how the perennials are overwintering. I just linger and let myself appreciate being in nature for a few moments.

Spring is here and all the sunshine will help. Things will come easier as nature emerges from dormancy.

There is beauty everywhere.

I am grateful for you willingness to be open with me. I am grateful that you choose to be human when you are with me. I am grateful that you don’t hide your struggles and instead you share them with me. You are a good man.

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