What’s Different?

Twice this week someone has asked me what’s different about you? I don’t know I say, though I have been working on gratitude and I say maybe that’s what’s responsible. Inside, I think I know some of the truth around these changes. I believe that through embracing the different ways I choose to express my sexuality, my life has holistically improved. It absolutely has.

I have learned so much since opening my eyes to new perspectives. I feel more connected to myself after passionate professional encounters with you. I learn from you and I do inner work so I have a chance at changing. I have also been spending time on transforming some of my own narratives into more positive stories that I tell myself. I have new perspectives and new ways to look at how to live a life. Life really is beautiful.

And yes of course, gratitude is central. In my morning meditations there is always gratitude. Lately, I notice I spend time practicing gratitude toward my chosen line of work. I am seeing more clearly again how our experiences contribute to my ability to maintain my passion for my civilian work. The effort I direct inwards, into myself, has such a huge return on how I express myself outwardly.

My civilian work is good right now, I feel like I’m nailing it. That is really what is different. I feel like it is coming easy right now, it’s flowing out of me and onto paper. I can turn things around right now, I am not mentally blocked. You help make that happen for me.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to look at my life through these lenses. I am grateful for the experiences I have had and for those that are yet to come. I greet the day with humility and an open heart. I am open and ready to receive the gifts today has to offer.

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