The Rise and Fall

I take your coat and hang it in the closet, inviting you to sit on the couch as I turn towards you. I sit next to you as we chat, catching up on what we’ve been up to since we last saw each other. I am already looking forward to the business of pleasuring you.

I ask if I can kiss you and you agree. I lean in feel the softness of your lips against mine. My hand runs over your chest, feeling your warmth through the fabric of your shirt. I start to unbutton your shirt and slip my hand beneath to feel your skin against mine. I love your chest, the way the hair feels against my hands and the rise and fall of your breathing.

My hands find your belt, the button of your pants and finally the zipper. I feel your hardness against my hand. I move to the floor, kneeling down between your legs. I remove you from the confines of your clothing and my hands caress your thighs. I look up, into your face, and our eyes meet.

I lean forward and take you in my mouth, my hands moving up your thighs and resting on your hips. I hear your breath draw in sharply and I take so much pleasure in your reaction. I love having you in my mouth and I get lost in pleasuring you. My tongue licking you up and down. Feeling the pressure of you when you reach the back of my throat. You grow harder than ever in my mouth. Your hand moves through my hair, brushing it out of my face so you can see me.

I get so wet knowing you are watching me.

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