Out of Reach

I am at home, alone and working. Thoughts of us surface: remembering your body against mine, the warmth of your skin, and sensations that remind me of the way your touch brings pleasure my body. I give in, and allow myself to return to our dreamland in my mind. I think about your body, your touch, and how hard you were in my hands. I leave my workspace and find myself back in bed. I think about our sensual escape and the way you charm the pants right off me. My hand moves between my legs, I tease myself gently while my mind wanders, replaying passionate moments I’ve spent with you. My finger slips between, into warm wetness.

My fingers glides across my slippery heat and my cheeks become flush with lust. I think about how you brought me to climax and conquered your quest. I think about after, when I was on my knees with your hardness in my mouth. I come like a freight train, and when my body returns to earth I can’t remember the last thoughts I had or what image finally tipped the scales. I lay in bed a bit longer and attach the pleasure I feel in the moment to the landscape of our dream land. I keep my fire burning for you and our passion stays with me even when you are out of reach.

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