Old Havana

Take me back to that rainstorm in Havana. No no, I mean the one that came after spending the afternoon on Calle Obispo. That other rainstorm was memorable too, it’s in my top 10 babe, and I go back there frequently.

This was the day where we spent the morning delightfully slow, in each others arms, feeling the warm Caribbean air on our skin. There is just something about companionship vacations. We didn’t leave bed until mid morning. Refreshed and rejuvenated, we headed to old Havana for culture and music. Oh my goodness, I just remembered that lunch, I think it was Le Petit? I recall incredible food al fresco. I adore that you know that about me and seek out ways to excite my senses, you are an exquisite lover.

We had been wandering for a few hours, as we love to do. Meandering, my hand in yours, looking at art, talking about dreams and romancing in our own little world. We were standing together, you hugging my body into yours while listening to live music filtering out from the clubs. In a flash, the sky clouded over, bringing warm tropical rain down on us.

My dress was wet with rain and you held your coat above our heads while we ran to find cover. We were laughing and your smile was so pure in that moment. You spotted a café with a balcony to hide away while the city dried off. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other at the café, every touch left me wanting more. We were so alive that day, full of life and refusing to lose a moment of romance in this perfect day. We danced that night, the heat of our bodies coming together, moved by sensual music that exists only in paradise.

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