Old Flames

You can be so charming and you are always good to me. You care that I am happy when we are together. A favorite fantasy escape of ours has been on my mind and has me thinking about us shaking things up. Remember when we met for a drink and pretended we were old flames? The scenario was that we had history, were reconnecting for a night and finally deciding to take a chance. I was passing through or maybe you were in town and we both jumped at meeting again.

As planned, I arrived on time and took a seat at the bar. I ordered my drink and casually waited for you. I am sure the bartender noticed my nervous excitement. Their casual conversation was enough to distract me until you arrived. Arriving, you were so handsome and I could not stop my cheeks from blushing. It was so fun, way more fun than I think either of us had imagined. Acting out your fantasy was incredibly sexy. Even now, I am turned on just writing this down. I am remembering the way you touched me. I am remembering how wet I was.

Thinking back, acting out your fantasy made me feel so different in that moment, through our “new” eyes. You were never more charming than that night. I got nervous, I was so filled with butterflies and crushing on you like an old flame would. You were so kind and a complete gentleman to me. You let it play out and into your safe arms.

I am thankful for the effort you put in to make sure I always feel safe. That you allow me to be vulnerable sometimes too. That you make space for me to have fun too.

I notice that you always make sure that I have a good time too. I see the effort you put into us.

Do you know how sexy that is?

God you are sexy.

You are a good man.

I am grateful for today and for the time we spend together. I am grateful for you.

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