Let the Sunshine In

I would definitely say I am a fun loving woman. I am a nurturing type, and that means I care about your emotions when we are together. I want you to have fun and I try hard to make sure you do.

I’ve tried to acclimate the process of booking and your communications with me to be in such a way that you are kept safe. I understand the way the sex work industry model in Canada is positioned. It could be viewed as such that harm falls to clients who are accessing services from providers.

I don’t want to add additional stress when you are already in a vulnerable position. This contributes to why we talk about the other aspects of our professional relationship: human connection, investing in time, as well as holistic health benefits of establishing a professional client and provider relationship. These are truths, and though there are other truths, not mentioning them is to our benefit. It helps to keep you safe.

Please know, I want to be a positive presence in your life. To me, that is a sign I am doing my job well. I do not want you to be uncomfortable or concerned, I want us to be free to focus on one another. I want you to feel that you are valued when you are investing in time with me. I want you to know that I am conscientious of the inherent vulnerability that surrounds being a client or a provider. I want that positive presence to start from the beginnings of our communication. I want our professional relationship to be rooted in positivity.

You help me in my life. Sometimes I tell you directly, because I am not ashamed to admit it and we both know the reality of our arrangement. I know you are helping me to survive in the world. You are changing my life by choosing to be my client. Even if we only see each other one time, you still make an impact. I choose to root this thinking in the transaction occurring between us. The transaction is what brings us together.

We do not dwell in these facts, nor do we stare too long into these windows of reality. We are both adults who are kind and care about other human beings. You understand that the chips may have fallen differently for me and that I seek out alternative ways to thrive in this life. Whether they be temporary or long term I do not know yet. There are things that are inherently known but do not require discussion. We understand that there are some narratives that may not always fit into our escapes. What we have created together is positioned in a way that allows us both to be free from that reality.

I choose to believe that I can put a smile on everyone’s face if I truly want too. It may be an impossible goal but it is one I prefer to keep trying to achieve. I also know I am not for everyone and sometimes we are not a match. That’s okay too. We are both seeking quality arrangements and I find that incredibly sexy. It shows your maturity and that you have done inner work. It drives me wild actually. You drive me wild.

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