Building Time for Us

You are so good to me. I smile easily when I think of our time together. Our tryst is delightful and every time I am with you, I come away so full of passion and creativity. Our time feels incredibly indulgent and I love it. You recently spoiled me, as you often like to do, and that had me reflecting on how much I adore you.

I love all of our dates, even the early ones where we were still figuring out who we are when we are together. I really admire the way you build time for us into your day. You find time in the morning and in between the meetings you take while staying in your suite. I love getting ready at home and knowing you are all I have to do today. You treat me like a goddess and make me feel so desired when I am with you. You are passionate, fun and you make me feel alive.

We have an amazing chemistry that makes our time so playful, sexy and sultry. We rarely talk in between, typically only when you are reaching out to book me or spoil me. There has never once been a power imbalance between us and I can always rely on you for easy adult conversation. We have created an escape I have begun to crave and you know just how to sweep me off my feet.

You are an absolutely fun lover. You are handsome, caring, mature and all about making space for us to be together. When we are together, we turn a few hours into something memorable. Time spent with you has reminded me how much I love men. You always make our time count.

I am grateful for you today and for the escape we have built together. I greet the day with an open heart and a desire to experience more in this life I have been given.

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