Autumn is here in all it’s beauty. The sun still holds its warmth but the air is crisp and cool. At the market, the last peaches of the season are making their appearances at vendor stalls. I went out for a walk most days last week, along the river, and the colours of the leaves changing all around me was stunning. I’d get home with the scent of cool fall air in my hair and my cheeks glowing rosy.

I find myself curling up with a book in the afternoons, coffee in hand and a throw blanket across my lap. Everything feels magical when the seasons change and I want to wallow in it. Thoughts of you punctuate my day to day with brief memories of your warm body next to mine. Remembering running my hands through your chest hair and across your strong shoulders. The way your touch drives me wild.

The scent of a neighbours fire has drifted through the house, bringing with it a coziness that you only get in the fall. When its warm enough for the windows to still be open but cool enough in the evening to light a fire. It lights a fire in my wild heart and I long to spend another sensual night tangled in your arms. I want to know if what I remember is real or if you have become fantasy in my mind.

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