Ask Julia

When’s my birthday? I am a July baby, July 1 to be exact. I love it because friends and family often had the day off and that made it extra special growing up. We all came together on the day, but I wasn’t the centre of everything. And I loved that. It made the day feel like a celebration of all of us, not just me.

These days I like to celebrate on my own and in my own way with you. I have begun to realize that there is nothing more self-indulgent on my birthday than being in the arms of a wonderful man. You enchant me and make the day so beautiful. I love it.

I am thankful to be a July lady, a babe who is so lucky to have been born in summers vibrancy. I was born ready to feast on autumns bounty, maybe a little greedy even – I am always wanting more.

You drive me wild year round but you always make sure to spoil me just right on my birthday. And I love you for it.

You make life fun.

– Julia

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