These Gifts You Give Me

Lazy baby. I love being in your arms. I was thinking about what you were saying about how thankful you are you found me. It’s for totally different reasons than mine but they are mind blowing and so wonderful.

It was almost like the realization came to life as it came out of your mouth.

You said you were so glad you found me so you didn’t have to have an affair and wreck your life. It was so casual and you were so happy.

You likely don’t believe me when I say how much it means to me that your life is good. That you are good and that you are staying happy at home. She’s wonderful, even though I don’t know about her, I know that she must be to have you. I love seeing the world through your eyes. That you make sense of us as a pathway for improving your life.

All I’m trying to say here is that you have your reasons, and they are just as valid as mine. You don’t judge me and I don’t judge you. Instead, we have freedom to allow ourselves new perspectives. I don’t know if you would have said that when we first started our adventure together. I doubt you saw it that way at the time. That it actually permitted you to save your marriage.

Jesus, you are so incredible.

Forever lucky to be around you.