You fill me with so much joy, I adore our professional friendship. It’s not the same as friendships in our day to day lives, obviously. But they are special and worth just as much to me as friendships in my day to day life. It’s almost like that professional relationship you have at the office but with intimacy. It’s a unique experience that doesn’t really occur in any other avenue of life. I really am fascinated by the human connections that we make.

I like when you book to have lunch or dinner together. Often, you let me pick the music and we cook together at the suite. All the while you are teasing me about this and that, and dancing me around the tiny kitchen while we make dinner. Sometimes we go all out and get dressed up for date night. Most times we stay in the hotel, candles and so much romance, but sometimes we go out. I like to fly under the radar, and you know that. So when we go out – you make it count.

I love that moment when the wine and food are dwindling down and it’s getting to be time to go. You’ve looked so handsome all night and I can’t peel my eyes away from you. That magical electricity has gotten stronger throughout the night, a delightfully playful reminder of what comes next.

I feel my lungs filling up and my smile rising as I’m putting on my coat. You’ve had me laughing and you charmed the pants off me like you always do. I’m excited. We keep it to ourselves in public, we both agree on being discreet. But when we get back to the suite, it’s like the flip is switched. We are tangled up, kissing as you are taking my coat off. Your hand is in my hair, gently on the back of my neck and we are kissing like crazy. Your coat falls to the floor as I start pulling your shirt up, out from your pants. I begin moving down your body, to my knees, with our coats on the ground beneath me. My hands follow, trailing down your chest and ending up exactly where I wanted. I look up, our eyes meet

What I mean is that these sort-of-friendships are incredible. You make room for all the right kinds of play. You understand the balance. You don’t take life so seriously all the time and you let me make you laugh. You have boundaries and you maintain them – it’s so goddamn sexy!

We are quasi-friends.

God, I love that we are friends.