My Hands

I’ve been told I have magic hands, that are strong and naturally good at massage. Sensual touch is one of my strengths.

The odd thing about that, is that I really don’t like being touched. Well, that’s not true. I do, but I struggle with it. For example, someone passed me something the other day, and their fingers touched mine. I did not like it. That is different than intimate touch and I know that. I do still find it interesting, that I am incredibly tactile but that the flip scenario doesn’t always appeal to me in the same way. I think that is why I like giving you a massage. Because I get the tactile sensations through touching you and end up so turned on by giving you pleasure.

I like to use oils for massage, I love warming them in my hands and spreading oil across your strong back. I spend time admiring your lower back where it curves into your gorgeous ass. As my hands warm up, I start finding the knots and spend a little time on relaxing you and lulling you into comfort. Then it’s easy to start teasing you to get what I want.

My hands are strong and feminine. They are perfect for sensual massage.

This is one of my strengths.