Let Me Crush on You

You have no idea how flattered and special I feel that you choose to spend time with me. I know you can get it if you want, so can I. It’s not that, it’s just you are like me and you crave something a little different. Something more professional. It’s the thrill so many times that sets us off, but its the mind melting physical aspects that keep me hanging on your every word. Those two or three hours we spend are so freeing to my spirit. I love that you make space for me in your life.

When I’m with you, I know you’ve got it right, there are no worries about getting too attached. We created these strong boundaries, managing these are part of my role with your investment, and we keep putting work into them to keep it in check. Because of this I get to crush on you so hard for a few hours. I absolutely love it. It’s safe and I love being in your arms. You are so goddamn sexy. This escape we have created, we have curated just for us, some days I ache for it. That’s how I know we see each other just enough. Not too much but just enough that I’m always like a horse to water when I show up at your door.