Investing in Time

Its about my time and your time. Our time. Companionship. You are investing in time with me.

If we end up doing something else, like going for coffee or dinner, that is something else you decided we will do. I do enjoy accompanying clients to conventions and business-related events. I handle myself well in those situations, they tend to be a different kind of fun, and I take pleasure in seeing your success in life. I love to be on your arm, taken out, to feel the eyes of others on us. They look at us not because of what you do or what I do, but because they believe that we have something they want. They feel bored in their lives when they see us.

The fantasy drives us wild and rivers of sweat form between my body and yours. Your hands grab my flesh, I am a woman you can hold onto. You pull my hips into you with power and strength, driving into me. When you fold over onto me and grab onto my breasts, your body melting into mine, I am so fully in the moment. The way you control your manhood on those nights…you drive into me and I loose myself over and over.

Like I was saying our time matters and if it feels like that, this is worth it. Over and over its worth it.