In Your Arms

You need to give today, I see that as soon as I get there. You hold me and I feel you in my arms. We talk a little, but you say your mind is busy and you just need me. You need to give to a woman who will allow you to give freely, who will be open to the simple idea of you caring for another person because you are able. You don’t want to touch with explanation, with baggage, with history. You want to touch a woman, feel her flesh respond and know that it is your embrace she trembles for.

You ask what do I need? Does any where hurt?

You want to treat me and you want to focus your attention on giving pleasure. My back is pinched as it often is, and I have knot in my shoulder that’s been bugging me for a few days. I see relief on your face when you hear my words and you look to the bed where I should lie down. I slip my jeans off and you lift my tank top over my head. You remove my bra. I lay down. You move carefully and tenderly as you spread oil and begin to massage my back. You are so strong in that moment. I am so enamored by your strength. I feel small and safe under the care of your warm hands.

I feel you relaxing as your hands massage the knots from my back. You are lost in the movement as you work on my legs, moving up towards the heat between. My skin is electric, my heart racing and your teasing is so pleasurable. I melt under your touch, it doesn’t take long before I am asking for more. After you hold me in bed, my cheeks flushed and my skin sticky with sweat. We just lay and luxuriate in the sensations. I turn and lay against your chest while we look out the hotel window, lost together in our own get away.