Focusing on Me

The idea of slipping away to get some release enters my mind. I maneuver my way out of the team meeting I have in the afternoon after realizing there was no way I was going to be engaged. I seem to have a one track mind today, I cant shake it. I’m not focusing anymore on my work. I close my laptop and move to my art area.

I wet paint and dip delicate bushes to spread pigment on paper. The soft curving paint strokes soothe me. In the stillness of the moment, I’m drawn back to thoughts of my body, warm tender hands sweeping across me, and the softest lips exploring my secrets.

Exploring, gentle hands and the softness of your lips.

I take a shower, taking pleasure in the warm water and closing my eyes for a moment. I soap my body, spending time on my feet and moving up from my ankles to my claves. My hands are soapy and glide over my silky skin. They slip across my breasts and belly, I lose myself luxuriating in the sensations on my skin. Eventually I can resist no more and my hand finds the spot my mind has been driving it toward. I am so slippery wet by now; I tremble beneath my own touch.

I get out of the shower and dry off. I feel good. Buzzing a bit in my head and savoring the feeling of my heartbeat between my legs. I’m refreshed and relaxed, reset.

I go back to work. I am studious in my approach. I begin studying journal articles, reviewing my notes, making new connections in the data, and taking time to celebrate in the clarity of my thinking. I work with fervor. I smile more and everything just seems easier. I carefully organize my upcoming meetings for maximum flexibility. I’m taking pleasure in the love I have for my work.

I call it a day, make dinner, do laundry and take time for meditations. It’s become one of those days where your cup is full again and you can handle anything. I go to bed happy, waiting for the beauty the world presents to us tomorrow. I wake up to the sun and begin the day with a calm gratitude that I can live the life I choose. The life I desire.

This is part of why I need you in my day. I love the time we have together. I look forward to it! Our time is one of my favorite ways to express my sexuality. It drives me wild knowing you respect my personal life, my boundaries, and that you understand that I am a professional and I love my work.

Gratitude for believing that like does attract like. That good human beings attract other good human beings.

I adore you.