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You are 40+

You truly enjoy women and their social company.

You understand authentic human connection as a luxury.

I am located in Calgary, Alberta and available for dates at upscale Calgary hotels.

I am non discriminating and am open to differently abled folks. 2SLGBTQ+ folks and all of you handsome men are welcome in my arms.

Often times my favorite clients are those who travel to Calgary for business. You bring so much excitement into my life!

Interested in spending some time with me?

I am best suited for encounters with passionate people, who are generous in sharing their spirit and do not possess entitlement.

I have a sunny disposition, I always have. Friends say I am sunshine in a human, that I bring a positive presence with me. I would love to always be that way.

Just as you are, I too am selective. When we get it right, everything becomes magical. Food tastes better, music sounds better, even walking to work feels so wonderful. These feelings permeate our lives and effect us. I dance more in the kitchen and I create more often. You lift me up. It matters to me that I have a positive effect.

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